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Are You Interested In Growing Your YouTube Channel?

REAL YouTube Views For Your Video!?

Here are a few things to consider before selling your soul to YouTube..

You should always set your subscriber privacy to public, that way, people who you subscribe to can click on your avatar and subscribe back to you, if you don't have it set to public, you could be loosing out on loads of subscribers!

Good content
You should upload content that is not boring and pointless, lets be honest, nobody wants to see that crap!

You should add cc (closed captions) to your video, this will increase your ranking on YouTube.

Make sure that your keyword is in your title, description and tags section on the video editor.

Get ready to share your videos! - Join some popular google+ communities that relate to your channel and share the hell outa them, you can advertise your video by comment on other videos, but nobody likes a spammer! Try to add something useful and include your video rather than just spamming the same comment across 20 videos. YouTube will just detect this as spam and they will get deleted anyways :(

You should always be friendly and leave good comments on other videos similar to yours, cast your opinion, ask questions, subscribe and like other videos other than just your own, you would be surprised at what a difference that makes. 

Auto-surf websites
Auto surf websites, (trading subs etc) can be a good way to give your channel a little boost in the beginning, but don't count on it as a permanent source of fans, they are often from all over the world and they are not really interested in your content just on gaining subscribers! You can easily build up 100 subs, 100 views and 100 likes in less than an hour. 

Buying YouTube views
Buying YouTube views/subs/likes is pretty frowned upon really, most of the services you can buy are bot software generated and do nothing for your cause, but if you can find somebody who is willing to use white hat SEO to help grow your channel then its definitely worth it, although finding these people at a good price can be difficult.  This is a service that I can provide you with.


David said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the views I bought 3,500 for $6! Will buy again if I need a boost. Great service

FreeLance Hippy said...

No problem :)